Vilayanur V. Viswanathan

Senior Research Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Vilayanur Viswanathan, with a Ph.D. in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering, has had 20 years’ experience in batteries, fuel cells and energy storage systems. His areas of expertise range from R&D on components, testing across various scales from cell to system level, cost benefit analysis for storage, energy storage standards development, and grid integration of energy storage. Recently, he successfully managed a 2-year high visibility energy storage grid-integration project (120 kW, 500 kWh), with testing done at the multi-MW Energy Northwest wind farm, City of Richland Substation, and the PNNL EMSL PV farm. This project was among the first to test drive the DOE-OE funded Energy Storage Performance Protocol. He has developed developing Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Accepting Testing and Field Acceptance Testing procedures for  projects funded by Bonneville Power Administration. He is currently the technical lead in developing Test Protocols for Energy Storage for various use cases, working with multiple utilities and storage systems, as part of a project funded by the Washington Chamber of Commerce Clean Energy Funds.

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