Thomas Hickman

Senior Engineering Consultant
Leidos Engineering

Tom Hickman has 40 years experience, focused on advanced energy components and systems in a range of sizes & applications (12 VDC to 238 kVAC).  He has systems engineering expertise over projects from conception through retirement.  His experience includes energy storage components: ultra-capacitors and batteries in many chemistries such as PbA, LiAl/FeSx, ZnBr2 and other flow batteries, NiCd, NiMH, NiH2, Li-ion, Li-polymer, others.  These components were integrated into systems including remote/islanded PV, wind, and hybrids, large portable ESSs, ships, PHEV/EVs, and satellites. Tom is a student of advanced energy components and systems beyond his direct expertise.  He holds a U.S. patent in advanced battery design and has spoken about renewable generation and energy storage at a number of conferences and symposia.  Tom has a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati and an MSCS from Santa Clara University.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering in California.

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