Seth R. Sanders, PhD

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Amber Kinetics, Inc.

Dr. Seth Sanders is co-founder and CTO of Amber Kinetics, and Professor in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley since 1989. He received S.B. degrees (1981) in Electrical Engineering and Physics, and the S.M. (1985) and Ph.D. (1989) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  Sanders leads technical design and development of the flywheel energy storage systems at Amber Kinetics. Sanders’ technical interests are in dynamics, magnetics, mechanical design, design and control of electric machine systems, and in high-frequency power conversion circuits and components. At UC Berkeley, Dr. Sanders is presently or has recently been active in supervising research programs in the areas of  flywheel energy storage, novel electric machine design, renewable energy systems, power-supply-on-chip, and digital pulse-width modulation strategies and associated IC designs for power conversion applications. Dr. Sanders received the IEEE PELS Modeling and Control Technical Achievement Award in 2014, the NSF Young Investigator Award in 1993, and multiple Best Paper Awards from the IEEE Power Electronics and the IEEE Industry Applications Societies. He is Chair of the IEEE PELS Technical Committee on Power Systems and Components. He has served as Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Computers in Power Electronics, and as a Member-At-Large of the IEEE PELS Adcom. He is an IEEE Fellow and a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE PELS and of IEEE IAS societies.

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