Sai V. Bhavaraju, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Sai Bhavaraju is presently the principal investigator on two grid scale sodium battery projects at Ceramatec, one on Na-NiCl2 and second on Na-Iodine with DOE. Both these products are ready to be scaled up to module level having successfully achieving the unit cell performance requirements. As part of the projects, several active national collaborations are established including Sandia National Labs, PNNL, Colorado School of Mines, University of Maryland and Arizona State University. Sai Bhavaraju has worked on many different types of batteries both at R&D level as commercial level. Those technologies include: Cylindrical Li-Ion and prismatic Li-Ion polymer, Li-Thionyl chloride, Rechargeable Zinc-MnO2, Zn-air, Ni-Mh, all solid-state LiAl-FeS2 high temperature batteries, implantable batteries and PEM fuel cell technology.  Overall, Sai Bhavaraju has 15 published articles in peer reviewed journals in the field of electrochemistry, 28 issued patents and 76 pending patent applications.

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