Michael Hoff

VP Research and Technology
NEC Energy Solutions

Michael Hoff has over 28 years of experience in electric utilities, uninterruptible power supplies, advanced energy storage, battery systems, communications, manufacturing and construction. He is currently chief technologist and directs the Applications and Systems Engineering groups of NEC Energy Solutions. Mr. Hoff was the first member of A123’s Energy Solutions Group, where he helped build the core systems engineering capability for the company, before it was acquired by NEC.  Before that, Mr. Hoff served 18 years in various roles developing UPS products for American Power Conversion. This experience gave him broad exposure in energy storage technologies, power control, electronic controls and communications, manufacturing processes and the power market. Mr. Hoff holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Power from Drexel University, and a MS in Electrical Engineering and Power from Northeastern University.

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