Jesse Morris

Rocky Mountain Institute

Jesse Morris is a manager in the electricity and transportation practices of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Within electricity, Jesse is primarily involved in RMI’s disruptor program where he works with his team to help expand distributed energy resource deployment across the globe. For the past five years Jesse has worked with solar companies to reduce solar balance of system costs through integrative design and new approaches to solar finance. Currently, Jesse is working with energy storage companies, smart control providers, utilities, and the regulatory community to help distributed energy resources of all shapes and sizes become an integral, widely-accessible part of the global electricity system. More specifically, Jesse and the disruptor team are working to reduce the cost of behind-the-meter energy storage systems and enable these same devices to provide a wide variety of services to the grid through regulatory change or new business models. Jesse is also working with his team to explore the value proposition behind more flexible residential and commercial building loads that result from different combinations of solar PV, smart controls, variable speed devices, thermal storage, and electrical storage.

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