Jagjit Nanda

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Prof. Sri Narayan has been conducting fundamental  research on electrochemical power sources for almost 30 years.  He worked at the NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 20 years prior to joining the University of Southern California, five years ago. During his tenure at JPL, Dr. Narayan developed the concept of the liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cell and developed complete systems for military applications. His current focus is on inexpensive and robust batteries for distributed energy storage applications.  To this end, Dr. Narayan's research at USC has advanced the technology of iron-based alkaline recharageable batteries, pioneered a novel aqueous organic redox flow battery, and improved the performance of the iron-chloride redox flow battery.  Dr. Narayan is also pursuing the development of new catalysts materials for air electrodes for the rechargeable iron-air battery.   He was elected Fellow of the Electrochemical Society in 2012. 

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