Frank Gibbard

WattJoule Corporation

Dr. Frank Gibbard is a seasoned executive in the field of electrochemical power systems. He has managed battery and fuel cell activities at levels of responsibility ranging from senior scientist to Vice President R&D and as the Chief Executive Officer of two publicly-owned NASDAQ companies — H Power Corp, an early-stage PEM fuel cell company; and Altairnano, a lithium ion battery company.  Frank holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an internationally recognized leader in energy storage and power generation.  His technical experience includes directing and carrying out work on primary and rechargeable batteries, including the following:  lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, alkaline manganese oxide; alkaline zinc air; high-rate and reserve lithium thionyl chloride; lithium sulfur dioxide; lead acid; flowing-electrolyte redox; zinc bromine; high-temperature molten salt rechargeables; and thermal primaries. As CEO of H Power Corp., a PEM fuel cell company, Frank grew the company from 17 employees to more than 200 and led its IPO to raise more than $100 million in public equity capital. He has published and presented more than 100 technical papers in journals, conference proceedings, and battery handbooks.

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