David Schoenwald, PhD

Principal Member Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. David Schoenwald is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff in the Electric Power Systems Research Department of Sandia National Laboratories.  Dr. Schoenwald’s expertise is in decentralized control system theory & design, modeling & active control for electric power systems, and analysis & control of distributed autonomous robotic vehicles.  Dr. Schoenwald’s current research focuses on active feedback control for improved damping of inter-area oscillations, mitigation of networked control systems issues arising from the use of real-time synchrophasor feedback, and the applications of energy storage for both transmission and distribution grids.  Dr. Schoenwald currently serves as an associate editor on the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Conference Editorial Board.  He has served as both an elected and appointed member of the IEEE CSS Board of Governors and has served as an associate editor for both IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology and Control Systems Magazine.  Dr. Schoenwald received the BS degree at the University of Iowa in 1986, the MS degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1988, and the PhD degree at The Ohio State University in 1992, all in electrical engineering.

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