Cedric Christensen

Strategen Consulting

Cedric Christensen is a Director in Strategen’s Government and Public Sector practice. He manages projects with the U.S. Department of Energy and State Energy Agencies, including the DOE Global Energy Storage Database - the wikipedia of Energy Storage (goo.gl/xAbvxG). He leads policy and value proposition work on demand side management and serves a range of clients including renewable energy equipment manufacturers, developers, and service providers as well as corporations diversifying into clean energy. Cedric led CESA’s expansion in the midst of AB2514 implementation – the Energy Storage Assembly Bill. Since he joined the organization, he has worked on a number of strategic market development initiatives with key regulatory agencies (CPUC, CEC, CAISO, and the CA Governor’s Office). His work includes launching Energy Storage North America, the largest Energy Storage Conference in North America. Prior to CESA, he was General Manager for Agrion - a global network of Fortune 500 companies focused on Energy and Sustainability. Former United Nations Strategy Consultant with extensive international experience including managing sustainability and renewable energy projects with UNDP in Ecuador, the Global Environmental Fund and Ubifrance, French embassy trade office. Cedric received his Master's Degree in Policy & International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris.

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