Ben Gully

Project Manager

Ben Gully joined DNV-GL as an engineer contributing to Research & Innovation (R&I), the strategic division responsible for development of future company services and technology research. He completed his doctoral work in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin doing energy system modeling and simulation. His work has primarily addressed powertrain and energy storage system design and analysis, renewable energy technology integration, and related subjects from the perspective of operational analysis and technoeconomic evaluation. At DNV-GL, Dr. Gully has focused on experimental and analytical evaluation of lithium ion battery systems. At the forefront has been the development of a battery ageing software tool, BatteryXT, to predict degradation behavior based on user-defined load profiles and operational criteria. This combined physical-empirical model is built on a foundation of testing protocols being developed that encompass abuse and safety mechanisms in lithium-ion batteries.  

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