Alessandra Fernicola

Business Development Manager

Alessandra Fernicola is Energy Storage Business Developer Manager at SAES Getters. Since she has joined SAES, in 2009, she has been contributing to the development of getters for the gas management in batteries and capacitors, starting as a researcher in R&D Labs and building a dedicated laboratory for SAES applications in energy storage devices. She is inventor or co-inventor of 4 patent applications in this field. Since her M.D. in Chemistry on proton-conducting polymer electrolytes, she has been gathering experience on liquid and polymer electrolytes for fuel cells and lithium batteries. During her Ph.D. course in Chemical Sciences, she spent 4 months in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan, to deepen her knowledge on ionic liquids. She has been working on novel, ionic-liquid based electrolytes in Sapienza University of Rome in the electrochemistry group led by Prof. Scrosati. A. Fernicola has been speaker at several international conferences on batteries and ionic liquids, and she is author of 15 scientific papers in international peer-review journals.

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